Online Group Therapy for Binge Eating

90 minute session – £55 +VAT = £66 per session).

Binge eating is a scary, lonely problem to have. It’s hard for those who have never struggled with it to truly understand.

These groups are an opportunity to connect with others who are in the same boat – they all know what it’s like to have a problem with binge eating.

People will often contact me to say they are interested in the groups because they cannot afford 1-2-1 therapy, as though a therapy group is a poor second to individual work. Sure, there are benefits to receiving one-on-one attention, but binge eating therapy groups are incredible at tackling the shame that comes with binge eating.

We cannot make positive changes from a place of shame. The groups form strong connections with each other and are able to reach emotional states that are hard to replicate even in individual work.

online group therapy

There are currently four open-ended therapy groups running – Mondays 5pm, Tuesdays 12.30pm, Tuesdays 5.30pm and Wednesdays 12noon.

All times shown are UK time zones (currently BST)

Is Group Therapy Right For Me?

These groups are for people who are struggling with binge eating. They are not suitable for people with restrictive eating disorders or bulimia.

Members are asked to commit to weekly attendance. This is group therapy, not a drop in support group. To find out more about what group therapy entails and how it differs from support groups, please check out my article Is Group Therapy Right for Me?

The group takes place on Zoom, which can be used on most devices. You will need access to a quiet, private space with good internet connection. It is essential that everyone in the group wears headphones to maintain confidentiality.

There is no scheduled end to the group, so you can continue to attend for as long as you wish. Each group will be capped at a maximum of 7 members to allow everyone space to be heard. When someone decides it’s time to leave, their spot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. I will do my best to keep waiting lists to a minimum and I am working with other therapists to get more groups up and running.

The groups I run are covered by my professional liability insurance and I operate under UK law.

To be considered for a group please fill out the application below.

Group application