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Welcome! I’m here to help you develop a sense of self trust around food again so you can be free from the prison of binge eating. It doesn’t seem to make sense, why do you keep doing it when you know this behaviour is harming you?

Our appetite is a powerful force so yes, it can over ride your conscious control. This can happen for many reasons; dietary restriction, emotional needs, beliefs and habit as well as trauma and other more complex triggers.

I’m guessing what you really want to know is whether I can help you. The first thing I would want to say is that I’ve been there and I get it. I also put out a lot of free content on YouTube, the podcast and Instagram so you would be very welcome to check out my approach and see if it’s a good fit for you.

sarah dosanjh
Sarah Dosanjh @the_binge_eating_therapist

You may have trouble believing this, but it isn’t your fault. My hope is that no one has to struggle with binge eating alone.

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