Working With Binge Eating CPD – A weekend workshop for professionals

This workshop is for practitioners to come together to explore ways we can support and work with clients who are distressed about overeating. I have met many therapists who are a bit reluctant to undertake this kind of training because they have a difficult relationship with food themselves. I think it’s very common among people in helping roles. You don’t have to have a perfect relationship with food to be able to help clients move towards freedom from chaotic eating.

The workshop is capped at 11 participants to allow time for discussions and to create a workshop feel, which can be missing from some of the larger online training events.

do i have binge eating disorder

This is a lively and interactive CPD workshop for professionals looking to learn more about working with clients struggling with compulsive eating.

The workshop includes:

  • Learning to recognise compulsive overeating vs ‘regular’ overeating.
  • A look at the food addiction debate.
  • Practical guidance for helping clients struggling with compulsive/binge eating.
  • Exploring the role of ‘diet mentality’.
  • Body image, weight loss and transformation.
  • Reflecting on your own relationship with food and exploring how this may impact the relationship with your client.