Setting Up Groups in Private Practice CPD Course

The next Starting Your Online Therapy Group course will be delivered on 10th and 17th October 2021 running over two consecutive Sunday mornings 9.30am-12.30pm. The course costs £97 and will be facilitated by Sarah Dosanjh and Tamara Howell.

If you are a therapist or counsellor who like the idea of setting up your own group, but you don’t know where to start, this course will give you everything you need to know to get your group up and running.

By attending this course you will be invited to connect with other therapists who are setting up their groups. Here you will have the opportunity to be part of a peer group and receive free support to get your therapy groups up and running. We help each other out through peer support meetings and helping to spread the word about each other’s groups.

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Course Itinerary:

Sunday 10th October2021

  • 9.30am – Introduction to setting up groups
  • 10am – Types of groups and working within our competency
  • 10.30am – How to attract clients
  • 11am – Break
  • 11.15am – How to attract clients cont.
  • 11.50am – Selection and assessment
  • 12.30pm – Close or stick around for Q&As
Sunday 17th October 2021
  • 9.30am – Assessment cont.
  •  9.45am – Managing ambivalence
  • 10am – Contracting
  • 10.30am – Common dilemmas and ethics
  • 11am – Break
  •  11.15am – Common dilemmas cont
  • 11.30 – Initial session
  • 12noon  – Summary and Q&As

If you are unable to attend this dates, or if you prefer to follow the course at your own pace, the replay from the April 2021 course is available to purchase for £65